6v6 Indoor Team Matchup Packs

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For short-sided games or a great match on your indoor arena, this SuperFooty team pack is a great option. You get 2 x teams in a SuperFooty teams box. Each team includes 6 x figures  (inc. 1 x substitute) and 1 x goalkeeper.

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If you want to play a short-sided game, or need some teams to go with our FlickForKicks indoor arena, here’s a great option.

SuperFooty teams are great for starting out in the game. They slide well, you can chip the ball with them (after a little practice!) and you can curl the bases too. A good all-rounder.

You get 6 x figures  (inc. 1 x substitute) and 1 x goalkeeper per team all in a single SuperFooty team box.

With the substitute in there too you can play up to 7-a-side with this pack.


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For reference, teams can also represent:

  • Chelsea -> Schalke 04
  • Inter -> Atalanta / FC Bruges
  • Milan -> Sorrento
  • Juventus -> Dunfermline / St. Mirren / Santos
  • Manchester United -> Mantova
  • Celtic -> Shamrock Rovers
  • Arsenal -> Rotherham / Stirling Albion / Reims / St. Patrick’s Athletic
  • Liverpool -> Aberdeen / Bayern Munich / Canada

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Dimensions 20.5 × 10.5 × 3.5 cm

Chelsea v Arsenal, Arsenal v Milan, Man Utd v Inter, Arsenal v Inter, Milan v Inter, Juventus v Arsenal, Liverpool v Juventus, Celtic v Milan, Liverpool v Inter, Man Utd v Juventus