The dog is on the pitch. They think it’s all over…!

Well, if you’ve tried playing Subbuteo on the carpet…it probably is now.

While “Dad used to play this all the time when he was young”, today’s youngsters probably won’t see the appeal. Certainly not if they experience the pain of kneeling on a figure, (a pain only ever surpassed by standing on a rogue Lego brick). Certainly not if Messi, through on goal, not only somersaults over the ball, but also clears the crossbar before landing unceremoniously in a bowl of nearby savoury snacks. That’s just not cricket. And no, it’s not football either.

It’s just too easy to move onto to something else if they don’t “get it” straight away.

Board, Not Bored…

  • Gareth Christie
    Gareth Christie Owner

    Subbuteo nut since ’89. Designer of products and services that focus on face-to-face play, as part of a healthy digital life.

I must’ve been lucky. I never had to suffer a wrinkled pitch and carpet burns. With mates from school, our first taste of Subbuteo was on a purpose-made table so we saw the game how it was meant to be played. The way the figures were sliding the length of the pitch, passing the ball from player to player and the tricks you could supposedly do with a little practice. We were hooked….

Once I got my own set, the snooker table was perfect for getting started, then my Dad repurposed a couple of old wardrobe doors so I had a sturdy board to play on. While the design and production has changed over the years, Dad is still the keen handyman and uses his experience to build our FlickForKicks stadiums.

How will you get started?

Simply put. If you want a decent game of Subbuteo, you need a flat, even, hard surface…and the pitch ideally needs to be pinned down so that that’s even too. At the very least a large table (approx 1m x 1.5m) will do the trick to get you started at home, with the pitch just laid flat on top.

You make it

If you have the woodworking skills and the tools for the job, you can make a board for your pitch yourself. We’ll be adding basic instructions on our site but in the meantime there are some great stadium building resources on other sites.

We make it

If you’re considering buying a table football set-up, you can rely on our design expertise and experienced hands to craft what you need. Designed by players for players, for the best table football experience.

Tom's crafty hands
Made by these actual hands

Our indoor stadiums are made with many tools and skilful hands, which are just a wee bit chapped from years of joinery, fixing cars, decorating, plumbing and general DIY. They belong to Tom, truly a jack of all trades, but actually a master of many. When things aren’t perfect, he isn’t best pleased.

You get:

  • Strong, durable and safe construction
  • MDF and wood
  • Slot-together – no tools required, no metal fittings to come loose
  • All edges sanded smooth – no splinters
Subbuteo tables lined up
  • Slim profile for minimising storage space and easing transportation
  • Solid construction for a flat playing surface.
  • Support bars to help prevent warping
  • Playing cloth and goals fitting if ordered at the same time. Costs may apply.
FlickForKicks Base Kit being carried by one person
Easy to carry
Base Kits
  • Ergonomic curves for handling and style
  • Quick to assemble – takes one person 30 seconds
  • Slot-together flat pack kit. No tools required.
  • Stable, strong, safe
  • Legs set back out of harms way
  • Easy to move/carry when assembled
  • Locks into place with FlickForKicks™ Stadium Tabletops
  • Stackable flat pack style components for easy storage and transportation
  • Compatible with any flat tabletop
Tabletops packaged ready for shipping
Securely packed ready for a safe journey

If you’d like your stadium delivered in the UK, we’ll sort that our for you or check out the other options on our Delivery page. The tabletops are very heavy so these are always packaged separately from the base kit.

  • Courier booking arranged for you
  • Delivery on your preferred day where possible
  • Trusted couriers only
  • Fully insured against loss or damage
  • Well wrapped and protected during transit
  • Separate packages for ease of handling

Stadium Building History – Key Dates

We’ve been supporting table football development by building tournament quality boards since the mid 90’s. We’re not boasting. Just so you can feel comfortable that we know what we’re doing.

Year Key Event
1995 Built our first stadiums for clubs and tournament play, based on those built by the ‘Scottish Subbuteo Association’ in the 1980s.
2002 Supplied six stadiums with custom-designed sponsors advertising for the F.I.S.T.F. World Masters at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen.
2011 FlickForKicks was born to keep the game going in Scotland. Started Abernethy TF Club with new tables and an improved safer design for the kids.
Built the first version of our “Beat the Wee Goalie” promo stall for Dundee Flower and Food Festival. A big hit with visitors.
2012 “Beat the Wee Goalie” promo stall, version two. More of a showpiece and more happy faces.
2013 Commissioned to design and supply a Subbuteo branded stadium for the retail space at the “More than a Game” football exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.
Commissioned to design and supply three Subbuteo branded tables for the Subbuteo Skills School at the National Football Museum, Manchester.
Supplied 14 handmade Subbuteo tables for the Scottish Subbuteo Championships at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
FlickForKicks Indoor Arena (or Mini-table) designed, developed and on sale
2014 Indoor Arena customers in the UK, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia
Commissioned to design and supply a bespoke Indoor Arena for the Revive (Pepsi brand) Table Football World Cup in Malaysia
First bespoke Indoor Arena for a Subbuteo Club – Hartamas Tigers TFC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2016 Released the ‘Premiership Edition Table’. First edition sent to Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.
Designed and released “Minty’s Legends” Special Edition Products – Collaboration with aguycalledminty
Designed and released “RBN1878 Special Edition Set” Collaboration with aguycalledminty and Rosso Bianco Nero
2017 Became UK Distributor for Extreme Works (Italian manufacturer) Partner
2019 Released the Black Monochrome Indoor Arena
Schools Pilot Project: 5aside Lunchtime Legends
5aside gaming at the Goal Hanger Gallery, Angel, London
Designed ‘Minty’s Legends’ Display Size Figures
2020 Released the 7-a-side Tabletop with desktop option
New table base colours and designs