5-a-side football on your coffee table

Playtesting and Workshop Action
Playtesting and Workshop Action

FlickForKicks Indoor Arena’s are our own design and we make them ourselves. Why so small, you say? Well, the first mini-table was originally designed when FlickForKicks Junior came along. Spreading the table footy geekery love from an early age!

We then realised the mini-tables were pretty useful…

It’s fast and great fun playing table football with simplified rules and plenty opportunities for scoring goals. It’s both a stepping-stone for kids up to the larger size pitches, and a different challenge for adults who play already. It’s small enough to store away at home and easily fits in a car boot while travelling to events or on holiday. Best of all, it’s ready to play with minimal set up.

We make 3 types – Standard (painted), Themed (with personalised stickers) and Special Editions.