Minty’s Legends – Team Set 04


Minty’s Legends team set featuring the superb art of aguycalledminty. 5 x footballing fan favourites. Great for play or display. Only available here.



Brand new legends – A Guy Called Minty x FlickForKicks

This 5-a-side team set includes 5 recognisable footballing heroes, all fan favourites voted for on Social Media.


  • 5 x Minty’s Legends playing figures
    • Van Basten
    • Platini
    • Batistuta
    • Baresi
    • Klinsmann
  • Note: Pictures of other players are included only to show the packaging quality and how the figures look in real-life.
  • All as shown with 5 orange Raptor G2 table football bases, compatible with Subbuteo.


Available NOW in classic packaging.

Special black box foil packaging available for pre-order. Expected early-March.

Minty's Legends - Players bespoke packaging

Option: Classic packaging

Mintys Legends Special Black Box - Foil Packaging

Option: Black box special packaging expected mid-March

Sold on a first come, first served basis.

Only cleared payment secures a set.


The front and back artwork is printed and varnished directly on the clear acrylic, and laser-cut to each players shape. They’re mounted on printed acrylic discs with a design to reflect the aguycalledminty x FlickForKicks collaboration, and fitted into plastic bases. 3cm tall.

Not only do these players look the part, but they play like legends too…

No rolling about in agony. These guys stand strong.

With heavy weights in the bottom, they can chip the ball too (with a little practice).

Overall, a perfect match for our 5-a-side indoor arenas, and they’re absolutely Subbuteo compatible too.


Additional information


Regular, Black Foil

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