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Extreme Goals


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A pair of Extreme Goals by Extreme Works

Made in Italy. The professional choice. Beautiful.

UK Customers only, unless shipped with a tabletop.

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Pair of Extreme Goals by Extreme Works in Italy.

The goals of choice for the Italian Federation and for many clubs and tournament organisers across the world.

The manufacturer describes these as “a masterpiece of Italian technology, quality and inspiration.”

We simply describe them as beautiful.

They’re standard regulation size, 7.5cm high and have a bar at the back to stop sneaky players from pushing their hand through the net. That’s also a tournament requirement, that is.

The goal-frames are powder-coated, an expensive process, but this means the paint is durable, even with exuberant metal keeper thrashing in a desperate bid to keep out that top-corner belter.

The frames are fixed to a solid steel plate which is finished with green baize, blending in with your pitch nicely.

The goals have two pins fixed to the underside of the base plate, to slot through holes you’ll need drilled into your tabletop. Then you just tighten them up with the supplied large wing-nut fixings. A doddle to secure, and then remove, when you want to.

And then there’s the nets. Each one is handmade, finished with leather edging to prevent fraying and to stop the ball when your keeper has failed you. Again.

IMPORTANT: Stock is limited. UK Customers only, unless shipped with a tabletop.


  • 2 x Extreme Goals (with wing nuts for fixing in place)