Extreme Pitch (v2.0)


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Extreme Pitch by Extreme Works. Made in Italy, this is the professional choice for the modern game. Superb quality and fast to play on. Sorry, these are NOT FOR SALE SEPARATELY – only available as part of a tabletop package.


Extreme Pitch (v2.0) by Extreme Works

Made in Italy.

A tournament quality professional pitch with PVC backing.

The high-pile allows your players to glide and boy are these things fast!

If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to Subbuteo, then ask us about other options, but if you want a superb pitch for the fast-paced modern game played in straight lines, then the Extreme Pitch is hard to beat.

Size 1m x 1.5m (approx – measurements may vary slightly depending on manufacturer’s cut)

IMPORTANT: Only available for tabletop customers! Extreme Pitches are always in high demand and short supply, so we have to reserve our limited stock for customers who order a tabletop. Thanks for your understanding.