MDF Base Kit


An easy-to-assemble, slot-together table soccer stadium base, the perfect match for the FlickForKicks™ Stadium Tabletop which locks into place. Smooth curves and slick design with the legs set back away from your feet as you move around the table. Handmade from MDF with wooden battens for stability, this seven piece kit can be set up and dismantled in 30 seconds.


If you’ve got a playing board and you do need suitable supports, the FlickForKicks™ stadium base kit could be just the ticket. Having a table football stadium set up permanently at home is a luxury. If you are lucky enough to have the space, or a man cave, you’ll want to impress your friends with something that looks great and is free from hassle.

This kit is quick and easy to assemble, and when all the goals have been scored, arguments resolved and hands shaken, just dismantle and store it away flat. No tools. No fuss.

It’s safe too. As a separate unit from the tabletop, the weight is kept to a minimum for easy handling. Components fit tightly together, so the structure is stable and strong. No shaky table (assuming your floor is level) for a great game without distraction.

If you want to play like the pro’s, the playing surface must be between 70cm and 90 cm high. This base is 805mm high, which with an 18mm MDF board on top, is a comfortable average height for most adults. Of course, if you’re playing in your living room, you can suit yourselves. We can make lower base units for disabled access, young children and youth age groups. Or if you suffer from back pain, we can make a higher base. Just ask.

The base unit is also compatible. The FlickForKicks™ base and tabletops are designed to fit together perfectly, but if you have your own tabletop this base should work just fine. (Drop us a line to check if you have any special fittings beneath your board).


  • Quick and easy to assemble / disassemble in 30 seconds
  • Slot-together. No tools. Ever.
  • Stable, strong, safe
  • Legs out of harms way
  • Slim profile for storage
  • Easy to lift and carry by one person assembled or unassembled
  • Locks into place with FlickForKicks™ Stadium Tabletops
  • Compatible with any flat tabletop

Special Terms and Conditions


  • These base units are made to order. This may take up to 6 weeks but they’re usually ready within 2 weeks.
  • We often keep standard size base units in stock so please check with us if you need your order fast.
  • Need a bespoke height? Get in touch with your requirements.
  • Available in the UK only and delivered by courier. When your base unit is ready to go, we’ll get in touch to agree a date when someone can be in to accept delivery. We’ll then let you know when the delivery is booked.

Product Usage Guidelines

  • DO store in a moisture free environment to prevent swelling.
  • DO store stacked up against a wall, free from other items, when not in use or…
  • DO stack flat on the floor, e.g. under a bed
  • DO make sure your own tabletop is placed centrally on the base or…
  • Do make sure the FlickForKicks™ stadium tabletop has locked into position before play
  • DO handle with care, and do not drop or throw any parts assembled or unassembled.

Business Customers

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